Ringbalin - River Stories is a geo-located documentary for iPad and iPhone that invites you on a journey along Australia's great Murray Darling Rivers, with Aboriginal Elders from the oldest cultures on earth acting as your guides. It contains dozens of traditional and personal stories and takes the form of a film, an iPad/iPhone App, and website.

This story starts in 2010 during Australia’s worst drought in history. The Murray Darling River was dying. A group of Aboriginal nations united to try to save the river and the life that relied on it by performing the traditional Ringbalin ceremony. 



Whether you're on the other side of the world or just down the road, through the app you can experience this journey. Travel virtually online, or visit the river in person where the stories will be all around you.

The Elders will find you as you enter their Countries. The sound of clap-sticks will alert you as you near the places where they're waiting to tell their stories.They've made journeys for you to follow, with stories of the rivers and streams and songs of the waters and their peoples.

If you take the journey in person, notifications will alert you when you're near a ‘story site’. There are more than fifty hand-painted maps, all GPS coded, to guide you to the exact locations where the Elders' stories are told, and along with the filmed stories there are intriguing audio and photo stories to enhance your trip. 


“It is brilliant. Absolutely compelling. Stunning photography and editing, easy navigation. Supremely educational - especially for us white fellas. Touches the heart.” - Ann Country Girl

“Set on beautiful watercolour maps it's clear a lot of work went into the production of this app. It's well worth the price and it handles the vast content surprisingly well, even on my little old iPhone!” - ChrissyKavanagh